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We forged a technical partnership with two fast and effective companies where "any idea" must be a possibility. 

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About Demand Metric

Demand Metric is a marketing research & advisory firm. They support 75,000 members globally with tools & templates, webinars, and consultation. 

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The Challenge

Demand Metric needed a long-term technical partnership with a company that could implement any idea.

They were frustrated with their previous development company telling them they couldn’t implement their ideas. When Demand Metric found us, they were excited to hear that we really could do anything.

The Strategy

Demand Metric wanted to provide their members with a unique social network to add value to them while avoiding exorbitant annual subscription costs of a pre-packaged solution. ClikFocus was able to build one to their exact specifications and needs which includes:

  • Members Lounge - a section to find out what's going on in the community.
  • Ask an Expert - an area where members can get advice from peers and the expert staff at Demand Metric.
  • Product Roadmap - users have direct access to the DM staff and peers propose new ideas and enhance products.
  • Helpdesk - much more effective than "contact us", users get peer-generated help and advice from DM staff.

To stay “lean and mean”, the DM staff knew they had to do something to mitigate the rise of manual data entry that would come part and parcel with increased memberships. With a larger-than-average list of external tools, they were having a dreadful time keeping all their data in sync. It had become obvious that improving to a fully automated system that could sync all their tools was now a necessity. These tools included:

  • Pardot - a powerful tracking tool. In addition to its tracking capabilities, Demand Metric was using it to handle all of their email subscriptions. Users are automatically updated as they change their subscription, sign up, or downgrade to a free membership. This allows Demand Metric to send relevant email and other forms of communication to users based on their current subscription.
  • Highrise - a popular Customer Relationship Management tool. Demand Metric had been manually adding all of their paid users to Highrise. Not only did we eliminate that need for all of this manual data entry, we got the free users in as well. We also tracked user activity on the site, so that Demand Metric would already know what was going on with their customers: without that added manual entry work.
  • Recurly - We integrated this tool to make it ultra easy for them to manage subscribers and automatic recurring payments. Their previous tool was a spreadsheet (among other things). Not only did Recurly make things easier for them, but it made it easier for their customers as well. Changing subscription plans was as simple as it should be: just click "upgrade" and you can start taking advantage of your new plan.
  • Kashoo - an online bookkeeping tool that Demand Metric was already using. They were manually entering every recurring transaction from their system into Kashoo. A large portion of their members are on monthly subscriptions that had to be manually entered every single month. Going from 10,000 members to 20,000 members would have been a lot less fun if someone had to keep doing all that by hand.

The Results

Demand Metric is confident in our team to take their ideas, bring insight and advice to improve on them, and implement solutions in a way that is scalable and easily modified. We’ve seen them:

  • More than double memberships in the first year
  • Add 70,000 members over the course of our partnership
  • Significant time and money savings through the implementation of business workflow automations that handle their CRM, payments, bookkepping, and more.
  • Roll out a custom-built social network that adds significant value.

Capabilities Utilized

  • E-Commerce System
  • Recurring Donation System
  • Mobile Optimized Site
  • Extensive Business Automation
  • Custom-built Social Network
  • Advanced Search - Smart Filtering, Predictive Search, Direct Menu Linking