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Scalable systems to help you increase membership and retention, offering a better experience to your members.

Membership Services

Premium Membership and Subscription Systems

Our membership systems are built to help you improve your results on your terms. We work to ensure your system is easy to use and addresses your customers' needs. This improves retention and decreases the pressure on your support staff, while helping you provide a better offering.

Our team will work with you to leverage our software to accomodate the evolution of your system needs. Our systems are built with flexibility in mind, so changes require drastrically less effort than most other software providers.

Our Approach

When we help our clients build their membership and subscription systems, we first put our heads together for an in-depth discovery process to learn how their business works.

All of these aspects must align in order to facilitate effective growth. Are the benefits of your system easily and quickly understood? Can a prospective member join your ranks in a couple clicks? Are you monetizing your resources and incentivizing membership level upgrades? Whatever the product or approach, we will offer a pathway toward a significant and sustainable ROI.

Once we've worked with your team to find the area(s) that present the largest room for growth and the numbers line up, we build out a timeline and project that will meet both short term and long term goals. 

Our Membership Expertise Includes

  • User-friendly and powerful administration tools
  • Gamification tools
  • Custom Social Networks
  • B2B network sales
  • Recurring payment processing
  • Restricted access control
  • Member Level Content Access Control and Download Management
  • Tools to easily market services
  • Spam prevention tools and software
  • Individual or Organizational memberships

Why We're Different

Top-notch - Our team offers a variety of in-depth experience in web-based technologies. What sets us apart, however, isn’t just the fact that we can do anything. Knowing how match the right tech with your specific business needs is what sets us above the rest.

Dependable - Simply put, our process works. With insight into your project and appropriate resource pairing, we’ll deliver your solution on time without “over promising and under delivering.”

Accomplished - This means “finishing well.” We know all too well that software projects often fizzle because of moving targets, competence constraints, poor planning, or just plain lack of commitment. Our team has a proven track record of completing what we start.

Results - This is what happens after the strong “finish.” The numbers don’t lie. We’ve watched our clients reach new heights in profitability and productivity through leveraging the solutions we provide.

Advancing - Through ongoing maintenance, support, and development partnerships, our clients are able to scale their web-based solutions in stride with their business growth. Together, we’ll ensure you stay ahead of the curve and don’t get left in the dust of an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Your business has unique challenges.
We’ll turn them into opportunities.

ClikFocus creates unique solutions, geared to your organization, to help you take full advantage of your system as you transform your business. Learn how.

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