Growth & Security

Gone are the days of "set-it-and-forget-it." We'll help you keep your system stable and secure by constantly moving it forward.

Growth & Security

Flexible software that adapts and evolves 

“The internet doesn’t just break, does it?”. In a sense, yes. The digital landscape is constantly advancing, leaving those with a “set it and forget it” mentality in the dust.

You need a solution built on a secure foundation that adapts and grows over time. Who better to entrust with this than a company with a proven track-record of building flexible, adaptive, and secure software solutions.

Our Approach

We'll start by establishing a baseline of best practices that provide a secure and stable foundation that you can confidently build on. From here, we'll work together to set ongoing development objectives to achieve your company growth goals. You can have the peace-of-mind knowing that each step forward is taken on solid ground.

Our Growth & Security Expertise Includes

You’re no longer limited to the functionality of off-the-shelf tools. Your business model shouldn’t be limited by functionality - it should be built around what works. And no other company can iterate on your ideas or build out your system as quickly and as excellently as ClikFocus.
  • System Security Audits
  • System Standards Audit
  • Threat Vector Analysis and Mitigation
  • System updates and upgrades
  • Server side optimization and performance tools
  • Critical Issues receive top priority

What Makes Us Unique?

There are some things that other companies can do (or even your IT department) well. Other things only a team of industry experts can do. We can handle whatever you can throw at us.

Here are a couple things that make ClikFocus stand out:

  • Proactive vs reactive security patching and threat mitigation
  • System updates are implemented and tested
  • You are granted access to our stage and development servers
  • We install reporting and performance software on the server and system level to keep your site as performant as possible

Your business has unique challenges.
We’ll turn them into opportunities.

ClikFocus creates unique solutions, geared to your organization, to help you take full advantage of your system as you transform your business. Learn how.

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