11 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Web Developer

Submitted by Christie Brady on 06/11/2020 - 09:58:am

11 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Web Developer

When you start looking for a web developer, you already know the type of project for which you are hiring. You understand what your needs are and, therefore, are looking for someone to help you fulfill your vision. Unfortunately, you don’t have a crystal ball or a time machine to help you ensure that the freelancer or agency you hire is right. Not to worry- we have the top 11 mistakes to avoid when hiring for web development or design.

  • Only Looking Local

We get it. It’s nice to know that you can chat in person with someone to explain your idea. You want to know that you can get ahold of your developers. Here is why this is a problem: someone being local doesn’t ensure they are the best for your job. Just because you can drive down the road doesn’t mean they will answer your calls. When hiring on Upwork, remember you have the whole world to choose from, and the best fit for you may not share your area code. You want to ensure that whomever you hire will answer your calls, understand your vision, and execute within budget. (Read more: 5 Reasons Remote Software Developers Are The Best Hire)

  • Not Choosing The Correct Bid For Your Project

Do you know if you need a fixed bid or an hourly bid? Do you need flexibility, or do you know exactly what you want down to the font size? Both bid strategies have pros and cons. The last thing you want to do is sign a contract with a specific bid that doesn’t suit your project. Do you want the flexibility to change things if your needs develop, or is your budget so fixed one penny over is unacceptable? Think about your project and choose the bid accordingly. (Read more: How To Know If A Hourly Or Fixed Bid Is Right For You)

  • Focusing On Cheaper Rates Instead of Final Cost

Budget. Budget. Budget. It is appealing to think that you can receive the same level of expertise for a much lower price. The bargain bin is always appealing. Don’t be fooled; the lowest price will spell problems and end up costing more. A cheaper rate will mean more hours or unsatisfactory results. You need to pick the developers that can give you the results you need, which won’t be the cheapest rate advertised.

  • Getting Someone That Is Too Expensive

You do want to get the best, but don’t need to break your bank to receive that. There are going to be easy parts of your project that you don’t want to spend $200 an hour to do. Finding the right fit means finding a good middle zone. Think of this as the Goldie Locks zone- not too cheap, but not too expensive. You need to stay in budget, so don’t pay for diamonds when you only get glass.

  • Thinking Your Idea Is Fully Formed

Most of the time, people believe that they have a fully-formed idea of what their result should look like in the end. 98% of the time, we find that customers have thought through many of their project pieces but not every part. With the execution of every project, there are unknowns that weren’t considered through which will result in extra time that may not have been planned for.

  • End Product Not Tied Into Your Business Plan

As with any decision to invest in something, make sure that you have your project entirely tied into your business plan. Have you thought about how to market your new website? Have you set aside time for your employees to get used to your new system? You may end up with a fantastic product, but if it is not fully integrated into your business plan, it may collect dust on the shelf. Just because you build something doesn’t mean people will come.

  • Not Having A Project Manager

While on the subject of budget, a project manager is imperative to staying within budget. The right project manager can communicate with you and your team, asking the right questions. Without one, you will be forced to handle all the calls, every detail, fixing problems and mistakes that otherwise never would have popped up. Unless you like herding cats and wasting money, you need a project manager to ensure you stay in budget while receiving what you asked for. (Read more: 10 Benefits Of A Project Manager In Software Development)

  • Ignoring Agencies For Freelancers

It can be appealing to have one go-to person to handle your project. This also is the problem: you only get one person. With an agency, you have access to lots of skills. A freelancer may be able to do lots of things, but they will be a jack of all trades and a master of none. Ensure that you are getting access to as many masters as possible. (Read more: Why You Should Hire an Agency Over a Freelancer)

  • Choosing Short-Term Relationships

Most businesses don’t think about what happens to their project after it launches. How will you maintain that expensive product? Hiring a team that can help maintain your website or operational software is essential. You may get your product looking great upon launch, but without the proper maintenance, that website may get clunky and unmanageable. Hire someone who will build and maintain your vision.

  • Unrealistic Timeline

There are times for emergencies, and there are more moments for careful steps forward. If you need your project done yesterday, you will end up paying more for often an inferior result. Expecting a massive project to be done too quickly will mean you will have to settle for developers who are bored for a reason. As with any project, if things are rushed, mistakes will happen. Understand that for your vision to fully develop: you need to be realistic in your timeline.

  • Hiring Someone That Doesn’t Understand Your Vision

This is the most critical mistake to avoid. You are looking for someone to help you solve a problem that will ensure your vision comes to life. Guarantee you hire someone that understands what you are trying to accomplish. Each side needs to communicate clearly, but that will be lost if whomever you hire doesn’t understand your overriding vision. Avoiding this mistake will give you what you need while keeping you in budget.

There are many more tips and tricks when hiring for web development or design, but these 11 are the most important while deciding who best fits your needs.