It’s going to be an exciting, intense year. The economy’s still kicking. There’s a contentious election brewing. The world continues its march toward further technical complexity—and the business environment becomes that much more competitive. Well, here are some ways that small and medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) can gain (or keep) an edge in whatever it is that they do—improving operational efficiencies, lowering costs and build profit and wealth in the process.
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While the initial expense of a custom operational solution is obviously higher than the monthly subscription fee of the typical business SaaS solution, over time the ROI replacing lots of SaaS solutions with custom operational software can be significantly higher too.
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Construction management software is a specific kind of operational software offering immediate and significant benefits to construction companies of a certain size and complexity. The improvements to operational efficiency and the return on the investment (ROI) here are both obvious and potentially immense.
Here's more information on custom software development projects and pricing — to help business leaders plan and make great decisions. Actual project examples, general guidelines, and more.
Here's some general data on the cost and price of custom software development. As in most things, though, the actual costs of a specific project can depend on factors like scope and customization.