Operational Software

Reduce opportunity costs caused by inefficiency and put modern technology to work to keep your team doing what only humans can do.

Operational Software

Transform the way you run your business

We understand how frustrating it can be when you’re utilizing cumbersome systems riddled with inaccuracies due to duplicate data and/or complexity-caused non-compliance. These operational inefficiencies can result in significant opportunity cost.

This doesn’t have to be your “normal”. Let’s work together to empower your staff and redefine what’s possible!

Our Approach

When we help an organization with their internal software, we sit down to meet with them to do an in-depth discovery process to learn their business.

When a business is looking to improve on their bottom-line and streamline their workflow, two of our biggest questions can be summed up as follows:

Where are you spending time that could be done by a computer?

Can you achieve a return on investment by automating those processes?

These aspects must align in order for a change to your current workflow to be feasible. Sometimes it comes in the form of reducing time spent on data entry or communication; other times we find that reducing error will offer a significant ROI.

What if your team feels stressed or short-staffed simply due to disorganization? Maybe your team needs better software more than a new hire.

When we've worked with your team to find the area(s) that present the largest room for growth and the numbers line up, we build out a timeline and project that will meet both short term and long term goals. 

Our Operational Sofware Expertise Includes

Data Consolidation: Pull information about your customers, leads, or products into a central system that empowers your team to serve your customers better and make better decisions.

Go Paperless. We get it—sometimes, you can't find a software solution that will do everything your paper system will. You don't have to—we'll help to build a platform that will allow you to take advantage of electronic databases, without losing the time-tested system you've been using for years.

Inventory and Fulfillment. If you're still managing inventory and management outside of your eCommerce store, or you've had problems with missing orders or an inventory shortage you'll be glad you called us.

Custom CRM and Sales Applications. Make sure your customers' data is available the next time they call in or help your sales team stay on interested prospects. We can help you augment your current software with custom tools or better data, or build a central system that addresses your biggest issues. 

Seamless Third-party Integrations. Whatever your toolset, wherever your data lives, we can help to connect your tools to each other.  

Role-based Interface and Reports. Tailor your internal software to each individual member of your team to help them accomplish their responsibilities. Help your managers keep tabs on your team in real time.

Automated Workflows. Automate anything and everything. Computers were made to do repetitive tasks efficiently. There are things only humans can do, and there are things that can drastically increase costs when left to humans.

Why We're Different

There are some things only a team of industry experts can do. We work hard to truly understand the intricacies of your business and how you operate. This rich understanding allows us to develop a product with you that caters to your specific needs and goals to help you get ahead in the market.

Here’s some of what makes us stand out:

  • Technically skilled team with the capability to understand your business and users.
  • Ability to align operational and technical architectures for maximum efficiency.
  • Seamless integration with virtually all of your other systems.
  • Multiple test layers and development servers to catch bugs pre-deploy.

Your business has unique challenges.
We’ll turn them into opportunities.

ClikFocus creates unique solutions, geared to your organization, to help you take full advantage of your system as you transform your business. Learn how.

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