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Help your team communicate more effectively by ensuring information flows efficiently and that nothing falls through the cracks.

Portals & Intranets

Improve the speed of your team's communication

In today's market, you need to have the right data at your fingertips so you can make fast and informed decisions. Through providing your staff with a single gateway containing personalized and relevant information, you can keep "loose ends" to a minimum and efficiency at its max. 

Let us help you save time and increase productivity through incorporating the right technology for your comprehensive solution.

Our Approach

According to the Harvard Business Review, 60% of companies in 2015 found that organizational silos were the most significant impediments to creating satisfactory customer experiences. Conversely, companies that integrate their multiple sources of data into a single and accurate solution are seeing 8.5X higher shareholder value. In short, companies today simply cannot afford to extend the use of segregated systems. 

As we work with you, we'll share your sense of urgency and work to increase employee productivity by integrating your applications and information into a single solution that can index and organize information across your enterprise network, Intranet, Extranet, and the Internet. Your staff will have access to what they need when they need it through an easy-to-use system that functions as an infrastructure for information access and use.

Our Expertise Includes

  • Intranet architecture, workflows, and tutorials 
  • Powerful Content Management Systems (CMS) to publish and disseminate content
  • Interactive Forums / Message Boards
  • Internal Search Engine to index, search, and intuitively draw and organize information
  • Document Management Systems
  • Enterprise Mailing Systems 
  • SMS Alert Systems for communications and marketing

Why Us?

There are some things only a team of industry experts can do. We work hard to truly understand the intricacies of your business and how you operate. This rich understanding allows us to develop a product with you that caters to your specific needs and goals to help you get ahead in the market.

Here’s some of what makes us stand out:

  • Creative and proven methods for increasing staff engagement and compliance
  • Fast iteration of ideas, allowing for cross-departmental optimization 
  • Systems are custom built to match real business need

Your business has unique challenges.
We’ll turn them into opportunities.

ClikFocus creates unique solutions, geared to your organization, to help you take full advantage of your system as you transform your business. Learn how.

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