Product Demo — Membership Management Software


Membership management software is awesome.

ORGANIZATIONS OR BUSINESSES that have lots of members, customers, students, whatever, can seriously benefit from features like enrollment management (getting paid), appointments and scheduling (getting the job done), revenue planning across any time period (making money), and advanced report generation (being accountable). These things are all common features of membership management software — and can really streamline a business, reduce headaches, labor costs and ultimately save money, time and improve profitability.

This project was completed specifically for a client who owns and operates two large dance studios in California. The studio teaches a large number of students taking diverse classes with multiple teachers, with multiple scheduling, package and payment options. Before our system, the studios were trying to manage all of this with multiple software tools, some custom, some off-the-shelf and it was a real mess. Now, these things are streamlined, easier and more quickly accomplished and our client knows better where the revenues are. Teachers are happier, the students are happier, and ultimately the studios operate as better businesses:

  • Scheduling classes and teachers was a big part of this project. Because of the complex nature of the classes, multiple teachers and frequently changing schedules fo students, etc existing scheduling tools didn't quite serve the studios completely. Now, the scheduling process is efficient.
  • Student roster and enrollment information. Each student's contact info, schedule and enrollment info (payment history, details, etc) can be accessed easily in a central location. No longer constantly switching between multiple software tools that don't communicate with each other, the day-to-day management of customers takes less time and is more complete — issues like late payments or scheduling conflicts no longer fall under the radar.
  • Revenue projections. Huge. Our client can now project how much money the business will be bringing in weekly, monthly, annually … and can plan or adjust things accordingly. No longer just accounting for revenue after the fact, projecting data into the future can have a huge, positive effect on what we're all here to do, ultimately.
  • Reporting. Our client operates these studios as part of a larger organization and is subject to some reporting requirements. This process is now streamlined and much of it is automated. Faster, easier, more complete.

Although this software is specifically customized for a series of dance studios, ultimately it can be applied to any business or organization with a lot of customers or students, with just a few variations. Some other examples of businesses that would really benefit from software like this include private schools of any kind, daycare centers, martial arts studios, gyms and health clubs, and even property management companies or short-term rental managers. Let us know if you have any questions about membership management software, or any other kind of custom software to benefit your business or organization. We love to talk, we love to share.