Drupal Migration Guide

Understand migration decisions, how they affect your business and what steps you can take to ensure your migration is a success.

Guide to Drupal Migrations

Migrating to Drupal 8 is more than just a transition to the web's latest content management technology, it's an investment. It's important to have an understanding of Drupal's moving pieces to make the best decisions for your business with long-term stability and growth in mind.
As Drupal has evolved, we've learned that looking for opportunities to re-structure and improve each site's functionality is key to sustainable success. With our Free eBook, you'll be equipped to make migration decisions that work with your business and recognize opportunities for improvement.

Drupal Migration eBook

Free Drupal Migration Guide

A guide to a successful migration.

We understand Drupal and it’s many complexities, that’s why we work with you, to turn potential road blocks into opportunities for growth.

We'll equip you with tips on:

  • Migrating content vs. rebuilding
  • Contributed custom module and theme planning
  • Choosing the best migration path
  • How to identify and prevent potential migration issues
  • Improving your site's functionality
  • Ensuring your migration is a success!