Here are a couple Drupal modules to help Drupal developers build Section 508 and WCAG compliant websites.
Drupal best practices says to store all non core modules in the "sites/all/modules" directory. I'd advocate being just a bit more organized in this directory.
We are pleased to announce ClikCollab is accepting beta users!
Easy ways to quickly spruce up your Drupal design is to add a custom font.
Content marketing is becoming more and more popular as Google keeps helping users find content more efficiently.
All great websites have one thing in common, they have unique and interesting content.
Are you planning your company around where the market is at now, or where it will be? Why you need to think bigger and make sure your businesses internet system is flexible.
This is the first post in a series on an incremental redesign of a website. Here, we take a look at some pretty dramatic updates to our clients header and navigation.
This package contains a free .psd of 26 blurred backgrounds, including the original image they were blurred from. Feel free to use them for personal or commercial use without any restrictions.
Mobile First is a design concept that has taken off; to the point of becoming almost an understood principle, rather than a philosophy. I'm a big fan of designing specifically for mobile, but first just doesn't make good business sense.