Product Demo — Construction Management Operational Software

Commercial construction company administrators manage a lot.

From OSHA reports, to project status reports, client updates, tenant notifications and sub-contractor management—a lot is happening, and a lot is constantly changing. Our construction management operational software streamlines reporting, client updates, project management and more resulting in a more cost-efficient company and an improved bottom line.

ClikFocus Project Manager Aaron Van Zoeren discusses a recent custom software development project — construction management operational software for a general contractor and builder. Our client on this project is a regional commercial construction company based out of Denver. Before using our custom operational software, they were using 5-7 different software tools to accomplish the same thing that ours does, seamlessly. The result is a much more efficient, streamlined company where administrators can focus on the actual construction projects, and not necessarily on the administrative paperwork, documentation and reports that can eat a manager's time and money. Some of the software's features:

  • Map of ongoing construction projects
  • Project details accessible from the map
  • Instant updates on the progress of a project including project delays
  • Tenant notifications
  • Project notes & a daily journal
  • Weekly project update reports generated automatically
  • To-do checklists with attached forms and reporting
  • Mobile capability to allow for updates and forms completion in the field
  • Signatures & accountability
  • Photos to document issues & updates, taken directly from mobile devices and attached to updates and reports

With solid construction management operational software, company managers can do what they do best—building valuable, attractive spaces that will serve clients and the public for decades to come. Good software tools improve efficiency, the quality of an offered project and service, and improve the bottom line. Contact us if you have any questions, or if you'd like to discuss how operational software like this might improve your business.