Make Your Expectation a Reality

Don’t get the knockoff for your business

Outsourcing web development is great, but without the right process, your business will suffer. Many products are outsourced, but if you try to do it without the right tools and expertise you will get the knock-off version of what you want.

Below are some tips about how to make your expectations become a reality without breaking the bank.

Project Management:

Without an expert project manager, you will feel like you are herding cats with no guarantee you will get what you want.

A project manager can bridge the gap between you and the developer. The manager knows how to overcome barriers such as language, time, and culture.

An effective project manager anticipates questions developers may have right from the start, saving you time and money.

Access to Expert US-based developers

You need the expertise only a US-based developer can give you for some pieces of your project.

You do not want the high cost of the expert for the whole process when you can get a lower cost by outsourcing.

Why not utilize both types of development? A blended team allows you to have access to the experts and the outsourced team at the same time. This saves you time and money!

Clear expectations and budget

Be very specific upfront about the timeline and budget.

Projects can go haywire because what you see in your mind and what the developers produce can be different. If you are clear upfront about what you want to spend and what you want to see, you are more likely to start off on the right foot.

Do you want a website with pop-ups, subscription features, and an interactive calendar? Are you hoping to track each visitor? What is your timeline?

The more complicated your project, the larger your budget will need to be regardless of the location of your developers.

Again, a good project manager is able to communicate clear expectations, timelines, and budgets to all parties involved.

To sum up:

You can get great products when you outsource, but only if you know what pitfalls to avoid. If you have a good project manager, you will be able to get the best of both worlds- cheaper labor when applicable and expert developers when you need them. A blended team run by an expert project manager will save you time and money. Ensure that your expectations, timeline, and budget are clear.

Following these tips will help you get the product you want and not a cheaper knock-off version that doesn’t work.