For CEOs & CTOs — Fast ROI on Custom Software for Business

 "… many of our business clients are seeing ROI’s that are positive after less than a year."

Custom software used to be so expensive that the ROI or return on investment in custom systems may have taken up to 5 years to realize, if at all. With our team of business-oriented US developers, along with quality, managed offshore development options — many of our business clients are seeing ROI’s that are positive after less than a year.

By identifying problems in business processes, particularly bottlenecks in operational processes, CEO’s and CTO’s can invest in custom automated systems that result in lower operational and labor costs. Sometimes the difference here is not having to hire a new employee (or 5 or 10). Most analysts see the tight labor market in the United States continuing well into the next decade — through 2020 and beyond. Demographic shifts, along with other factors, mean competition for qualified, working-age adults in the US is going to increase, not abate. A solution, one that might allow a company to bypass the challenging labor market altogether, may be more advanced automation. Keep your best employees doing what they do best, interacting with your clients and customers and creating—but in this environment, if you have lots of tasks and business processes that a machine could do, a machine should be doing them. With the price of software falling, and the price of good people increasing, businesses that don’t automate will receive the ire of an intolerant market.

ClikFocus has a proven, systematic process to help business decision-makers identify problematic business processes and areas in your business that can be automated. We’re not just developers, necessarily — we’re business-people too acting in some respects as consultants to identify problem areas and then to offer automated solutions custom to your business that improve efficiencies, lower costs, and help provide an alternative to labor markets that in the last few years have been hard for business stakeholders to negotiate.

Operational software — systems that automate repetitive business processes — simply have a high ROI. Contact us today if you want to find out more about removing bottlenecks and improving your business in 2020 through a software system built for you by people who know business.