The advantages of Drupal

Submitted by on 06/01/2011 - 04:44:pm

People wonder why they should use Drupal instead of a completely custom solution. There are many more reasons to use Drupal than can be detailed in a short blog post, but here are a few.

Drupal is:
  • Social: When you choose Drupal, it's easy to add features such as commenting, forums and social networking integrations that would take large amounts of time to build from the ground up. This lets you provide a rich experience for your sites' users from day 1.
  • Search Engine Optimized: With features like search engine friendly URLs, standards compliant markup and built-in RDF support, Drupal is great for Search Engine Optimization [SEO]. Here at ClikFocus, we take this to the next level by including features like automatically generated sitemaps, meta tag output and automatic path redirection, along with many other improvements. With these optimizations, search engines will find your content quickly, and site visitors will never see a 'page not found' error.
  • Secure: Because thousands of developers work on Drupal and test it for security flaws, vulnerabilities are quickly identified, fixed and disclosed. There is a dedicated Drupal Security team that works to resolve security issues, review code, and advise developers. For more information, please see the comprehensive Security White Paper that is available at
  • Speedy: When custom software is being built, developers spend a lot of time (and money!) re-inventing the wheel. Need a custom user roles? Done. Caching for quick page loads? Check. Easy theme switch... Well, you get the idea! Using Drupal allows you to focus your resources on what makes your site truly unique and valuable.
  • Shared: The Drupal community is huge, and grows larger by the day. If you have a question about how to accomplish a task with Drupal, chances are someone has already answered it for you. If you need new functionality added to your site, it's more than likely that a plugin has already been created, saving you time and money instead of creating it from scratch.
I'm not saying that Drupal is perfect, but it may just be perfect for your needs!