5 Key Benefits of Membership Management Software

From providing your organization with a one-stop resource to generating accurate reports for data-driven decisions, membership management software can contribute positively to your organization in more ways than one.

When you think of what organizations are most likely to use membership software, you likely think of gyms, clubs, or other organizations who may want a hub to keep track of all their members to charge them a monthly subscription fee.

Some membership-based organizations have no choice but to use management software, such as your local gym or hospital. On the other hand, organizations like non-profits or clubs may find themselves in the in-between, where they could experience the benefits of membership management software or continue functioning with manual processes. 

Getting your hands on the ideal software tool generally calls for both a financial and time investment from your organization. As such, let’s take a look at the benefits of a membership software tools, so you can decide if it’s right for you. 

1. All-in-one access to your organization's data

The first and likely the greatest benefit of acquiring membership management software is that you’ll create a unified system that meets both the administrative needs of your organization and the needs of your members.

From an administrative standpoint, housing your member’s registration and contact information, dues and invoices, and event registration in one place makes all of your essential documents more readily accessible. Especially with a cloud-based system, your staff will be able to access most of the organization’s data at any time, from anywhere. 

Likewise, your members will be able to take greater ownership over their membership and gain greater access to what you have to offer. For instance, non-profits may be able to simplify event registration for their members by providing it on their online platform. Additionally, members can autonomously update their contact information to pay their dues, reducing the amount of work needed from your staff to keep records up-to-date. 

2. Save time on administrative processes

The administrative processes behind a membership-based organization can be time-consuming, particularly if those processes require you to use multiple programs or perform repetitive tasks. This is where software can step in to make your team’s job a bit easier.

As noted, by having one comprehensive system, your team automatically saves time from no longer having to hop from one program to another to complete tasks. Beyond simplified access to valuable information, however, membership management tools can also provide you with the benefits of automation: Automation makes it possible for your system to takes some tasks off of your plate by doing them for you. 

One instance where automation can help is registration and membership renewals. If your members are currently signing up and renewing their memberships on paper, you can automate this process entirely by taking it online. Likewise, your system can automate reminders for membership renewals. By automating processes here and there, your team will gain the time to do complete other tasks. 



3. Boost event registration & attendance

As mentioned, subscription management software often doubles as events registration software. Not only does even registration on your site make it easier for your members to view and register for events, but it also makes it easier to raise awareness of upcoming events to your members. 

On the events registration section of your system, you can make it possible for members to register for emails with upcoming events. You might also choose to make it possible for them to receive reminders for events they showed interest in. With the help of the event reminders, you increase your members’ chances of becoming an event attendee.

4. Develop accurate reports & analyses

Whether your organization is a non-profit or trying to reach that upcoming quarterly goal, you’re most likely always looking for ways to make your organization even better. To carry out the appropriate improvements, however, you’ll need to analyze the status of your organization over time.

While making data-driven decisions is ideal, generating reports and analyzing those reports can be time-consuming. Moreover, when carried out in spreadsheets, there’s a chance that those reports and analyses will contain errors that result in poor decisions for your organization.

With subscription management, however, your software can generate reports and analyses for you. For example, your software could quickly produce accurate reports on event registration vs. attendance. Plus, the data you receive will be free of inaccuracies. 


5. Receive a return on your investment

As mentioned, by streamlining the administrative-side of running your organization to acquiring better reports, your membership management software should help your team to save the amount of time spent running your organization—and as they say, time is money. 

Additionally, your software should improve what your organization has to offer, which can drive an increase in event registration to membership registration. Whether your organization is non-profit or for-profit, an increase in members means more money to work with.

With this in mind, what you invest in your software tool will likely return in the shape of saved time or increased engagement with your organization. Either way, you’ll get something back for investing in your software. 

Should You Build A Custom Solution?

From providing your organization with a one-stop resource to generating accurate reports for data-driven decisions, subscription software can contribute positively to your organization in more ways than one. If you’d like to experience the benefits of a membership management solution for yourself, you have two options to consider: off-the-shelf software vs. custom software

Before considering custom software, you might want to try out-of-the-box membership management solution first, such as WildApricot, Membee, or ZenPlanner. You might find that one of these systems satisfies your current business needs. That said, if you’ve already tried software from one of these, or similar, providers, it may be time to try something different.

Rather than bend your processes and organizational approach to meet the needs of your software, custom software will meet your unique needs. At ClikFocus, our expertise is building custom software solutions designed with you in mind.

One step closer to experiencing the benefits of membership management software is just a conversation away—chat with us today