Our Process

Results only happen with intentionality; we create progress through a proven process.

Dedicated - Project Management

At ClikFocus we understand how to deliver excellent products on time, within budget, and within scope. A dedicated Project Manager for your project will serve as the liaison, translating your goals into tangible technical results. 

From coordinating internal and third-party resources to assisting in the definition of project objectives, we understand how to ensure technical feasibility within an accurate timeline through the utilization of proven and context-specific management techniques and tools. 

Methodology - Adaptable & Effective

Different project contexts can require varying approaches and we are able to proficiently operate within several. For the majority of our projects, we’ve adopted the “Sashimi Model” with outstanding results. The overlapping phases of the development life-cycle contain the efficiency found in “Waterfall” with the feedback benefits of “Agile” due to a high-level of productive communication across responsible departments and the fact that many tasks can happen concurrently. For instance, our UI/UX experts will begin creating mockups and wireframes during the Discovery & Architecture phase allowing you to interact with the ideas on the table soon after being verbalized.

Architecture - Starting Strong

We see this first phase as a very collaborative process. We can certainly take an idea and run with it, but we anticipate your input and direction to keep us united with your vision. Throughout this phase, we’ll analyze how to close the gap between where you are now and where you’d like to be. We’ll discuss and answer all the questions about how we can help you succeed and produce detailed documentation mapping every piece of functionality that will exist on your system.

From here, we'll forge forward into your project's design and development with confidence and clear expectations, the foundational elements for every wonderful working relationship.