About Us





We're a small team based out of beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. We specialize in strategic development with a focus on the web and cloud computing. This includes anything from simpler informational websites for non-profits to cloud software for a company's intranet.

Being a small team, we like to keep things personal and the corporate red tape to a minimum. The atmosphere is fun, professional, and fast paced. We do a lot of work with companies on the east and west coasts (of the US and Canada), who value the excellence of our work and benefit from the lower overhead of an inland company. We also engage in local projects including having built our own city government's website.

We've built custom enterprise-level web solutions that exceed the highest corporate standards, and we've worked with smaller organizations. If you've run into problems with other development shops who "can't cut it" or have missed deadlines, you'll love working with us. There's no one better, and we only take on work we know we can deliver with excellence.

Our International Venture

In 2016, our team recognized a need for a more affordable alternative to building excellent software. That’s why we created ClikGlobal, founded with the goal of making quality software development accessible to all. We took everything we’ve learned over the past decade building enterprise-grade web applications and adapted that process for our work with a distributed team. By bringing together US and international team members, we can offer development services for a lower price.


Here’s how it works: We pair you with a US project manager who will work closely with you to bring your vision to life and provide you with updates along the way. Depending on the complexity of your application and your desired price point, a senior US developer or senior international developer will work directly with our overseas team to ensure that your project meets our high standards.

With our proven process, we can provide you with great value without compromising on quality. ClikGlobal may be a good fit whether you’re looking to develop a mobile app, ecommerce system, or just make some changes to your website. If ClikGlobal sounds like something you’d like to explore for your project, get in touch with us there.